Open Startup Society is the most interactive community for startups in Pune. It came into existence in the year 2018 to help startup founders get over the various hurdles they face from time to time, by interacting and solving those problems within ourselves, or, with our experiences. We also call it, a community of the founders, by the founders and, for the founders. In late 2019, we made it formal and registered a non-profit.

The aim of this society is to create value for entrepreneurs from Pune by connecting them with the resources available within the group and also outside. With a long-term goal of supporting the startups from the Pune city in their journey, all the members are willing to give a hand to new entrepreneurs by various means such as; sharing success stories, failures, mentor, network, notify about the events, evaluate business models, validate ideas, provide constructive feedback & lots more.

We conceptualize various sessions for startups each month, based on a select topic & invite the best subject-matter expert to talk about it and also have an extended Q & A. This gives startup founders a great opportunity to ask their questions and get much-needed clarity on the same. In addition to such formal sessions, we also do an informal meetup every now & then – where the founders come together and discuss different topics among themselves, network and collaborate. 

Open Startup Society primarily communicates through it’s WhatsApp group which has over 195 members, of which little over half of it are startups & the rest are a mixed bag of various service providers, professional advisers, and students. We also have an engaged community over our social media channels.